Social Lives Are Exhausting

It’s been quite some time since my last update and while a part of me feels the need to apologize, I won’t. It’s been quite some time since I’ve actually gone out of the house and hang out with people other than my husband. Now don’t get me wrong, I like to hang with my husband but I was feeling really detached and honestly quite pathetic that I haven’t really made any substantial friends in Arizona.

Sure, I have lots of friends in other states and countries but that doesn’t do a whole lot when we live so far away that the chances of being able to see them on a somewhat regular basis is slim. As a result it’s been nice to have spent the past few months hanging out with people who actually live in Arizona. It also helps that I decided to start a meet up group for couples who want to get to know and form some friendships with people in the valley. Arizona is so disbursed that it can be hard to meet people outside of work and school and things are made worse if you don’t work or work from home, so any potential for making friends just goes out the window.

Of course with the school season starting up things are going to come to a stand still but I’m okay with that. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned since this adventure began is that social lives are exhausting! I honestly don’t understand how many can do this on a regular basis. I mean don’t get me wrong it’s fun, as long as I’m liquored up or hanging out with people I’ve known for awhile but good lord is it tiring. I’m just so greatful to have a break this weekend and not the non-stop go, go, go that’s been happening of late. I’m sure my liver is thanking me for it as well.

Despite all that, it’s been refreshing to get away from my computer and not feel that it defines me. Yes, I love the internet. I love being able to meet people and make connections with others from around the world but at the end of the day, I’m human. Biological I need to be able to socialize with others in proximity to where I am. Plus, it’s good for R to get out and about as well. He’s too comfortable with hinging his social interaction on me and I’m not okay with that.

This weekend I get a break and next week we’ll have a meet up to go to assuming people RSVP. Since I’m running the group, I feel an obligation to have at least one social activity a month despite the fact I really wanted to skip this month but alas, I’m paying the dues for the group so I suppose I have to make use of the money I spent. I can’t deny that the last event we had was actually pretty fun so we’ll see how this one goes.

Hopefully and I make no promises since I start school on the 26th, I’ll be updating a bit more regularly but as with all things in my life, my whims will be the deciding factoring on that, so for now au revoir.

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  1. Glad you’re getting to make some more acquaintances and possible friends ;) I’ve been trying to do the same here in Japan since it took me YEARS to find a handful of decent people in Virginia outside work and school. I agree, it’s definitely exhausting – especially so for us introverted people. Our counterparts thrive on social interaction so it’s energizing for them where it’s tiring for us – and I gotta admit I’m pretty jealous of that. I wish I could go out and do things all weekend and still feel like I had a *weekend* come Monday morning. Instead I just feel like I worked my whole weekend or something, despite it being fun :P
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    • I know. It wears me out! Not only that but unless it’s someone I’ve known for awhile, I have to have some type of alcohol and me to feel less comfortable (yes, I’m Raj from Big Bang, lol) so I’m always so stressed about being just buzzed enough to be able to hold a conversation with someone without feeling awkward. Once I hang out with them three or more times I’m okay but before then? No, go, lol. But yeah I think I could probably sleep for a year now! Strange because I remember being really social when I was in HS, strange how I went from that to how I am now. Oh well. Age sucks? :P
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    • Yeah, I can definitely understand that. I have a friend in TX who is in a similar situation and trying to make friends around where she is but it’s difficult when things are so spaced out! How do you deal with not having friends nearby?
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  2. Since high school ended (15 years ago!) I have lost most of the friends I once had. It sucks. Now all my friends are “online” and the real life friends I had are more like acquaintances.

    I’m glad that you have been able to get out away from the internet. Sometimes the internet can seem a bit soul crushing.

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