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The Birth of a Community

One of the reasons I fell in love with blogging when I was younger, was because of the community. I was able to meet other individuals who had similar interests or backgrounds and form a connection. You knew that when someone commented on a post it was because they genuinely cared about you and what you had to say.

Now though, things are a bit different. Yes, there is still a subset of bloggers that comment and connect with one another because they are truly interested in the individual behind the blog but it’s few and far between. Most days, the focus is on what you can do to increase your page rank or your Alexa rating because it’s the only way to get companies to give out “free” shit or pay you to write about them.

That’s all fine and dandy, and more power to people who want to capitalize on that industry but that is just NOT me. Yes, occasionally, I’ll take a paid opportunity or do a review when offered but I’m not focused on my PR rank, Alexa rating, SEO, etc. I could honestly not careless about those factors and it’s hard to find a community that feels the same.

Enter Byte Sized… well, really, enter Small is Powerful.

Small is Powerful is a movement that was started by the Magpie Girl and I have to say, I loved the premise so much that I decided to start a FB group, but failed considerably in maintaining it. Still months later, I returned determined to keep up the connection and with a goal in mind to offer support, resources, and comment love to those of us who wanted to connect on a personal level, and while I adored the name Small is Powerful, it didn’t quite fully embody the basis of our community.

Enter Byte Sized, a community that values what a blogger can contribute creatively, inspirationally, and philosophically. We offer support, resources, and some of us still capitalize on the ability to monetize our blogs BUT that’s not our specific focus, though admittedly, I will start looking into specific opportunities for the members who are interested in this avenue. We welcome all ages and all genders; we do not discriminate, we embrace.

We’re your connection to authors and readers interested in getting to know the person or people behind a blog. Bloggers who are focused on forming legit connections with like-minded bloggers and maybe even lifelong friendships. If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for, why not join us?


Nix Niches

I think it’s important to celebrate the fact that we refuse to give in and refuse to define or corner ourselves by using a niche. We love to talk about our lives, our interests, and we embrace our Lifestyle Blogger label, but most importantly we embrace and support each other!

If you are proud Lifestyle Blogger who refuses to be backed into a corner because of the ever growing revolution of niche blogs, share your love, your life, and your courage by linking up. My hope is to be able to find other Lifestyle Bloggers in an industry where we are becoming the minority and celebrate our blogs every Tuesday.

If you are proud Lifestyle Blogger who refuses to be backed into a corner because of the ever growing revolution of niche blogs, share your love, your life, and your courage by linking up. My hope is to be able to find other Lifestyle Bloggers in an industry where we are becoming the minority and celebrate our blogs every Tuesday.



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Infertility Journals: All I Want For Solstice


As I predicted, my period started.

I’m trying to take it with a grain of salt but anyone who’s struggled with infertility knows that’s easier said than done.

I keep thinking that maybe by some miracle it’ll just happen because I don’t think I’ve quite accepted our fate.

So this week is off to a great start [insert sarcasm] and now I’m going to try to get some sleep because if I continue to ponder this, my ability to deal is going to dwindle and I’ll end up a mess of tears.

All I want for Solstice is a big fat positive… but even I know that’s just too much to ask.

Infertility & Broken Bits of Glass

Yesterday, I went in to see my gynecologist and she delivered news that broke my heart. I knew it was coming but to have it said aloud, well, it just really cemented our path and I’ll admit I cried.

We have officially been referred to a reproductive endocrinologist to help set up a game plan due to our infertility. I know it’s not the end of the world, logically I know this, but emotionally, I’m wrecked and I keep wondering if it’s even worth it and then I think I’m terrible for even thinking that and maybe this is why I can’t naturally be a mom, because who even has thoughts like this? I’m obviously being punished.

Add that to trying to help R cope with his infertility centered around low sperm count and I have nothing left to hold me together. And I wonder why does it have to be so hard? Why can that couple over there who are irresponsible and unable to care for a child so easily have one, while I stand her desperate, unable to do so? What have I done wrong in this life or past lives that has led the universe to punish me so drastically? How can I fix it? infertility11

And then thoughts of how selfish I’m being come into play. Why spend all this money when there are children in the system that need homes or is it even fair to ask for this? There must be a reason we can’t do it naturally, so is it fair to try to force it?

I’m a jumble of emotions and with my impending cycle coming to an end and that familiar friend visiting, it gets worse and worse. Add that to a friend asking if I’ve considered adoption, which to be fair, is an option on the table, and I’m a miserable mess. Until you’re in a situation where your fertility is questioned, people just don’t understand how much that adoption question hurts.

It’s not that I don’t want to adopt, I do, someday, but for me getting pregnant is beyond wanting to have my own flesh and blood child(ren), I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do! But I want the experience as well. Despite the sickness and the terrible pregnancy Ana is having that I’ve been privy to, I want to be able to do what was supposed to come naturally.

I’m trying to stay positive but I’ll be honest and say that’s never been my forte. In an effort to protect myself I’ve long since adapted the “if it can go wrong, it will go wrong” philosophy so presently I just expect failure, after all that’s the one thing I seem to be good at.