Through the Looking Glass

Welcome to Lost in Wonderland, a personal and lifestyle blog that will cover many topics including some of the following marriage, parenting, self discovery, technology, design, business ownership, planning, and some geekery. My hope is to be a little more honest and forthcoming about life as not only a mother and wife, but as a person who struggles every day in my attempts to redefine my identity after the birth of my children. I also hope to discuss the trials and heartbreak of infertility in hopes that it should inspire someone to be more open about their journey and provide support for those who feel like they are alone. Lost in Wonderland will chronicle the harrowing life1 of a woman who is still trying to come into her own after a life transforming miracle.

Lost in Wonderland works a little differently from other blogs, in that it is some what censored. When I say censored, think Livejournal-esque. My more personal heart wrenching, bitch is going to kill someone blogs will be protected to a select few who I grant access to. This means if you are interested in accessing said entries, you will have to register and at least get to know me. This can be accomplished by being an avid reader here, leaving the occasional meaningful comment or connecting with me via other avenues, which is detailed behind the cut. Registration will always be optional and won’t be necessary to enjoy Lost in Wonderland. Rest assured that I will post more than enough content that is not censored so you’ll never be obligated to register/subscribe.

Regardless of what I post, I will attempt to give my readers the raw and unadulterated version of this messy thing called life. And before you panic, I can assure you, it won’t be all bad. Life is messy, sure, but sometimes it’s not.

First and foremost, my home is semi-protected.  What does that actually mean?  The majority of my entries will be semi-public.  The rest of the entries will be placed under a filter depending on the subject and you’ll need to be registered and given the proper rights to get access to certain filters.

For more information on how I set up content, commenting, registration and filters, you’ll want to check out the following posts:

Last and not least for those of you who are frequent commentators, I’d like to reward you by ensuring that your comments are tagged as “do follow” because I do very much appreciate your comments and support. If you are a registered user, you simply need to comment at least 10 times and your URL will automatically be flagged as “dofollow”. For those who are not registered, you’ll need at least 20 comments before your comments are flagged as “dofollow”.

Should you have any questions or have any trouble navigating the treacherous waters of my home, feel free to give me a shout!

If you’d like to stalk, err connect with me via other avenues, all my social networks are listed to the left for your convenience.

  1. And so I can be a little dramatic at times.

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  1. This is a rather interesting concept, but I like it. This is something I believe that no one has really thought of before and I like the idea of having to comment at least 10-20 times before you follow the person or become acquainted with them. I’ll be sure to come back and comment more often, other than just stopping by and look.
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