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I returned from my trip from Texas last Friday but as expected, being away from R for the past 3 weeks meant that the weekend was dedicated to spending time with each other. We talked, we laughed, and had a great time together. It seems like being apart tends to revitalize us and make us really appreciate one another. There was a lot of discussion on the house and the things we’d like to do to make it a little homier.

On top of that, I was greeted with welcome but unexpected news. His friend is no longer staying with us! I have to say I was actually pretty impressed and touched because the last conversation we had about his friend was that I hated having to be put in the middle of the situation and made to be the bad guy, because he tends to be soft-hearted and couldn’t be honest. When I arrived him and he wasn’t here, I expected he was going to be returning but R told me that wasn’t the case. I can’t express how much stress that took off my shoulders and of course I thanked him and showed my appreciation because it really did mean the world to me. For once, I felt secure that when push comes to shove, our relationship is more important.


Today I woke up, completed my orientation for school, and then spent the rest of the day cleaning our bedroom and bathroom. R has the tendency to shut down when I’m gone and it was completely evident, lol. Despite that, other than a vacuüm and R’s need to figure out where to put the crap on his side of the bed1, the room is back in order. Tomorrow, will entail cleaning up the front porch and a bit of organization and clean up for the living and hopefully the kitchen if there’s time.

Wednesday, we’ll be leaving to go camping for Thanksgiving! I’m pretty excited and it’ll be interesting to see if this is something we want to do yearly or stick to our original Thanksgiving tradition of just having dinner at home with family and friends. I figured this year we could try something new and see how it goes. Upon our return, I’ll probably put up the tree and start shopping for gifts for Solstice since once again, I waited until last-minute. I still have no idea what to get R since he’s not interested in the XBOX One and anything he does want is out of my price range, lol. Oh well, I guess I’ll figure that out come next week.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

  1. AK-15 rifle and RC car parts

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  1. I’m so happy the freeloading friend is out of your hair! That must’ve been extremely trying, and I can only imagine how relieved you must feel to have your house back to yourselves.

    I don’t really have plans for Thanksgiving. Being so far away from everybody I know makes the holiday season kind of hard on me. Eliza is too young to “get it”, my MIL has to leave for work by 3, and my FIL will bee drunk and in bed by 4 or 5…

    My only plan is to make green bean casserole and watch the Lady Gaga and Muppets special.
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  2. I’m going to Ronnie’s parents’ house for dinner. I’m going to ATTEMPT to make my favorite comfort food to share with them. Attempt, because we all know how well cooking goes for me.

    But otherwise, that’s it. Nothing exciting.
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  3. Well, it’s nice that his friend is gone now. Helping someone out is one thing, but them taking advantage is a completely different story.

    This year we are doing anything beyond what we normally do. I have to work that morning, but after it will be Thanksgiving with my family. I am really looking forward to the food though! :)
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  4. Today, we are just sitting around the house playing games and relaxing until it is time to eat dinner…That reminds me I have to put more warm water on the turkey to make sure it is thawed…lol
    Nothing beyond what we normally do on a day-to-day basis. :P

  5. I’m really glad that R followed through with getting the stress-er out of your lives. I can imagine how much weight is now lifted and how happier you both will be. It has to be odd to have someone you’re not sleeping with, or raising, around acting like you owe them that last slice of pie.
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