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If you are proud Lifestyle Blogger who refuses to be backed into a corner because of the ever growing revolution of niche blogs, share your love, your life, and your courage by linking up. My hope is to be able to find other Lifestyle Bloggers in an industry where we are becoming the minority and celebrate our blogs every Tuesday.



1. Follow my blog on Bloglovin’ or add me to your RSS reader to participate in the blog hops each week.

2. Grab the button and place it on your sidebar or link love page.

3. Stop by the blogs in the blog hop! The blog hop will not be successful if no one visits the other blogs! This is a great opportunity to say hi and support your fellow Lifestyle Bloggers!

4. Share the blog hop with other Lifestyle Bloggers!


Angie of Whimsyical

If you’d like to co-host the blog hop with me next week, let me know!

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  1. I am just getting into blogging. I blogged, but only about once a year. Now I want to blog on a regular basis. I don’t think I am a “lifestyle” blogger, so will wait before I decide if I should join or not. It does sound interesting though.

    In response to your reply to my blog, I appreciate your comments. I didn’t mean to come across as unappreciative, because I was very appreciative of all Rick did for us. He spent a lot of time bragging about how rich he was and how he just wanted to help us any way he could and that he would always be there for us. I just don’t think he should have made promises that he had no intention of keeping. We never asked him for any help. He volunteered it. I probably should have realized he might disappear because he was always changing plans he made with us, leaving us stranded, without any notice. It’s really hard not to grab on to those who say they want to help us after being homeless for 3 years. Being homeless is the worst thing that we have ever been through. We had several other people who also helped us. We are still in touch with them and we constantly thank them for everything they’ve done for us. Again, thank you for your comments.
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