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Call to Action

I’ve been on the blogging scene for almost 14 years and I’m ashamed to admit that during that time, I have not really established myself as a credible blogger. What I mean by that is a blogger who’s consistent with content, keeping myself motivated, and finding topics that are relevant to me AND my readers. ExcusesI’m not opposed to research or talking about controversial issues but for some reason, when it comes to my blogs, I find that I tend to talk about my everyday life, unless you so happen to catch me during the rare moments when I actually have something worthy to talk about.

In the interest of a New Year and a new adventure that I and a few others are partaking in, I’d like to change that. Gone are the days, when I would sit down and just start typing with no goal in mind. Gone are the days, where I half heartedly blog because I HAVE to because it’s been too long. Gone are the days when I’ve relied on my niche as a lifestyle blogger to support my inability to come up with topics that are worthy of being discussed, because quite frankly, I have a lot of topics to talk about, and it’s time I do just that.

The first step I intend to take to make this goal a reality is to sit down with a calendar and start working on topics that I want to talk about. It’s so easy to just sit down and talk about what my dogs are doing, what R is doing, and what I’ve been up to lately, that as a writer, I’ve lost the desire to create meaning out of the words I type. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be talking about my life, the things in my life, and my interests BUT I also want to discuss other topics, topics that are near and dear to my heart, and probably near and dear to others.

My blog is supposed to serve as a therapeutic outlet for me. It’s supposed to help me deal with emotions that I otherwise tend to bottle away and yet, if you read through my past entries, minus a handful that’s not what I’ve used it for AND I’d like to change that.

The topics I intend to discuss and further research will likely include infertility, the United States (broken) immigration system, marriage, my childhood, interracial relationships, and more. In addition to that, I’ll probably discuss some of my projects, one of which is centered on infertility awareness. has the Walk of Hope and I do plan on participating barring any issues, like having to work that day.

Overall, I’m excited about the things to come. It’s a BIG change from the lackadaisical mindset I’ve had in the past, but I think ultimately it will be worth it.

Wait, wasn’t this.. and Infertility Sucks

Yes, yes it was. But in truth, the misspelling was driving me crazy and I had a free domain to use that I won during Namecheap’s Christmas trivia. I also feel like this name suits me better.

This was the first time I utilized 301 Redirects and it wasn’t as hard as I anticipated. Reading the tutorials really does make it seem more complicated than it actually is. I’m just glad I didn’t manage to botch anything during the process.

In addition to the new domain, I am also with a new host, which to be honest has been a little bumpy. Part of that however is because when you work in technical support, you tend to assume the person you’re dealing with is an idiot. Generally, that works, but when you’re working with someone who does have a technical background, all it serves to do it piss them off, which is exactly what happened.

I’m willing to give the company the benefit of the doubt and stick with them, especially given that moving hosts can be a stressful process and I’m just hoping that they’re able to resolve this one issue for me and then it will be smooth sailing from here. Fingers crossed.

b1f4faa65a51258da15a16b238b3f2cb This last Tuesday, I went in for my sonohysterogram1 Somehow the receptionist that scheduled my procedure, put me at the Phoenix office and then told me I’d be going to the Mesa office. As a result I had a different RE performing the procedure which was a bit awkward but I managed to make it through. The results came back as normal and there were no abnormal growths or indents found on my uterine lining, which is great news but still a little discouraging because they still can’t rule out that I’m the issue. In any event, we’re taking a pause for now because I’m in the middle of job hunt, which means my insurance may change, plus I’m a little annoyed with R right now and we’re presently walking on eggshells. I generally am not one to stay mad for very long, but I’m just frustrated with the entire situation and I’m not quite ready to let it go. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

This entire infertility journey is a big stress on our marriage. If you add in work and school and the countless procedures we’ve encountered AND have yet to encounter, well you can imagine how much of an emotional journey this is. I try my best to be understanding and logical, but I know that I won’t make it through this infertility journey alone. We have to work together and right now it feels like we’re both working separately, so until that’s resolved and we can come together as partners, I just think it’s best to put a halt on anything infertility related to avoid any further damage to our relationship.

Other than that, nothing else has been new. My class is drawing to a close2 and my sleep schedule is all sorts of screwed up. Despite my attempts to try and fix it, my body continues to hate me and refuses to make it easy.

Tomorrow, I go in for my 3rd and final root canal3 which I’m not really looking forward to, but as with all things we tend to hate, necessary evil, I just wish it didn’t evolve my teeth.

  1. Sonohysterography is a technique in which fluid is injected through the cervix into the uterus, and ultrasound is used to make images of the uterine cavity.
  2. I really need to study.
  3. Thank G-d

Nix Niches

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Honest Equals Mean, Since When?

When I was younger, I was the type of person that used to “kiss ass” and tell people what they wanted to hear so they wouldn’t hate me. Even if I thought their actions were moronic, I’d smile and nod in agreement because I don’t want to cause any problems. I’ve long since grown past that stage, found my confidence, and will speak my mind when the things said or done are unfair, illogical, or moronic. hug

Now, don’t misunderstand, the things I say aren’t meant to be mean or hurtful, but it seems like now a days some people are mistaking honest for hurtful or mean, which I don’t really understand. defines hurtful as:

hurtful (?h??tf?l) — adj
causing distress or injury

And mean as:

mean (meen) — adj
offensive, selfish, or unaccommodating; nasty; malicious

And honest as:

hon•est [on-ist] — adj
sincere; frank: an honest face.
genuine or unadulterated

How do these three words get interchanged so often? They obviously have very different meanings and yet, if someone doesn’t like what you have to say because you’re being honest, you’re construed as mean, hurtful, or even bitchy. I thought honesty was appreciated but it seems for some individuals this isn’t the case.

With that said, as I stated on my Facebook page, several days ago:

I will never be the type of person to tell someone what they want to hear because they need an ego boost (ask my husband). A true friend is someone who’s willing to tell you the hard and hurtful things but more importantly a true friend appreciates that honesty. So, if anyone has a problem with this, feel free to unfriend me because I won’t change who I am to be liked. Either you get it or you don’t, AND I’m completely okay if you don’t; just don’t expect to like me or call me a friend.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’d rather be the type of friend who will tell you honestly if your choices or actions are appropriate. More so, I’d rather be the type of friend whose honesty allows you to see the truth in a world where so many people are willing to scam, lie, or betray you.

But ultimately, I’d rather have the type of friend who loves and cares about me enough to do the same.