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The Lucky One

Many men who meet me are instantly attracted to my no bullshit, honest attitude. I can troll just as easily as they can and they appreciate being able to have a female among them that is not easily offended or overly sensitive. A lot of men tell R he is lucky to have me but quite honestly when you get right down to the grit of it, I am the lucky one. love you

The Truth Is…

I am not an easy person to love.

I am stubborn, bullheaded, and uncompromising. I can be emotional, illogical, and irrational. I am, on my best days, my own worst enemy.

I have more flaws then I’d like to admit and even more idiosyncrasies that make caring about me, loving me, an impossible task, and yet despite all that R continues to see something worthy in me, something I doubt I will ever understand.

As with everyone, I have my fair share of bad days, though lately there have been more than fewer and far between. I struggle to find value in myself when despite the fact I’ve been married nearly a decade, friends who recently just got married are having children and seem to have direction in their life; yet here I sit, a full-time student at 28, no kids, no job (starts Monday), and no real way to find meaning beyond being a wife.

Lucky Stroke I love my husband and while there are times when being a wife is challenging, I do love being his wife. Still, while being a husband is certainly a part of him, and he is in the same boat with me in terms of being married nearly a decade and still not having kids, he is able to find direction in his work, while I sit here and whittle away.

And while I understand that having kids is not ultimately what will define me, many people don’t have them and seem to get on just fine, I recognize that it was one of the things early on that I knew would. So here I am freshly 28 wondering what’s left for me if kids are removed from the equation…


I am the lucky one.

A Year Older and A Group Giveaway

Last Friday, I went in and got my upper wisdom teeth removed. The procedure wasn’t bad, mostly because I was asleep but I’m sure it didn’t help the healing process when I went out on an extensive motorcycle ride, but the trip had been planned for a while so there was no backing out.

Despite the fact that I was a little more swollen longer than anticipated, the procedure and the aftermath wasn’t that bad. I suspect, however, if all 4 teeth were removed I’d be singing a different tune and I’d have likely skipped the motorcycle ride. Still, I suppose it could have been worse and I’m quite happy with the progress I’ve made since Friday.

Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday, though not really. Most who are close to me know that I don’t really make a big deal out of my birthdays because I just see it as another day. I was able to spend some time with R as he took the day off of work, but otherwise it was pretty mellow. I tried to get some school work done BUT the book I’m reading is terrible. All it has done is make me feel stupid and introduce complicated concepts far too early. As in, hey, you just learned this, and now how about you create this script and figure out what’s wrong with this one! So far my introduction to JavaScript has been less than ideal and as a result, I had to buy another book and beg Ana to give me some of the resources she used that helped her pass the certification. Right now, I’m feeling anything but confident but I’m hoping that the new resources will help catch me up and clarify some of the concepts.

I’ve been fairly absent the past few days, due to the surgery and some social activities but I did purchase a book on SEO to help me optimize my website. I keep reading that a niche will help but I just don’t foresee that I’ll ever truly be passionate about one area to consistently create content for it. Despite that, I am going to try to focus on a few specific topics such as beauty, geekery (programming, coding, and games), design, and perhaps photography. I’ll still obviously have posts about my everyday life, most especially our struggles with infertility, but I’d like to focus more on the topics I mentioned above.

Group Giveaway Event: $100 Amazon eGift Certificate

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Unexpressed Emotions

I’ve been out of sorts recently and I can feel myself withdrawing in an attempt to try to recharge from the energy that has been consumed in trying to navigate the weary waters of my emotions. I’m quite adept at being empathetic towards others which ends up taking its toll. Combine that with my innate ability to suppress my emotions and all motivation, drive, or desire evaporates into the air, as my mind and body fight to reinstate balance. Unexpressed Emotions

In short, I’m not very good with dealing with my emotions so when the wall that I so cleverly built starts to falter, I too suffer as I am overloaded with the things I choose not to feel. And while I understand this is likely not healthy, I’ve not yet had the luxury to deal with it, to fully express my emotions. I’ve always in some way or other been the rock; if I falter than so shall everyone else.

In an effort to distract myself, I’ve taking to catching up on TV shows and picking up new ones, more specifically, The Originals. In some ways, one of the main characters has helped me better understand why it is I don’t often let anyone too close. Despite his atrocious acts, I relate to Niklaus, and I wonder if that means I’m a psychopath or simply misunderstood. I suppose that will remain one of life’s mysteries.

Despite all of this, I am feeling cautiously optimistic, though if I am honest, stupidly optimistic is more of what comes to mind. Niklaus is not the only character I can relate to but also his brother, Elijah, who despite all the disappointments, betrayals, and sabotage continues to hope his brother can be redeemed, and I wonder if I am the same. The fool who continues to hope people can change and there is still meaning behind the word “love”.

I suppose, as with most things, time will tell.