In Which I Argue Why I Need an iMac

Hi Kids,

I’m alive.


I started working on Monday and to say the least, it’s kicking my ass… or it’s kicked my ass.

I’m not nearly as miserable or exhausted today as I was on Monday or Tuesday.

Either my body’s adjusting (doubt it) or it’s anticipating the weekend where I can sleep in and feign death (hello, WoW reference) so it’s tricking me into believing that I’m not too old to work full-time and go to school full-time.

I guess we’ll find out when next Monday rolls around.

Speaking of, I want an iMac.

Okay, that had nothing to do with the earlier statement BUT still.

Do you think I could potentially convince R that it’s for the sake of productivity?

I mean, I can’t game on it (unless I dual boot—which is not going to happen, I’m lazy, remember?)… so the argument is valid, right?


Shut up, logical side of my brain that keeps telling me I’m being ridiculous and I don’t need an iMac.

Except I do.

No, really!


Okay, maybe I don’t actually need it…

Who the hell am I kidding?

It’s shiny, pretty, and it does things…


Conclusion: I need an iMac.

Apple iMac

Image courtesy of Audio Fanzine

It’s okay, you can admit it…

You NEED one too, don’t you?!

11 Responses to In Which I Argue Why I Need an iMac

  1. As you know, I was in the same boat as you not too long ago. Minus the whole going to school full time. Okay, so maybe not in the same boat. I’m just an extremely lazy person. You will get used to it, I know you will. And most likely hate it until that point, like I did. LOL!

    As for the iMac thingy.. I’ve never owned an Apple product nor cared to (besides an iPhone). It IS extremely shiny and pretty though.. now I want one. >_<

    I bet your hubby will let you get one. Nerdy men love to spoil their nerdy women. It's a fact! :D
    Andrea recently posted… Slacking.My Profile

  2. I agree, iMac’s are sooo shiny and what productive geek doesn’t want beautiful gadgetry in their lives? I used to get by on a 2007 white MacBook until last year when a friend was selling their 24″ iMac off. Granted it’s not the most up to date, but it runs Mavericks and does everything I need it to at a fraction of what a new one would cost me. I <3 it. :)

    Good luck in your quest!
    Andrea recently posted… February Book HaulMy Profile

  3. Hopefully work is going well for you! Even though it sounds like a lot of work, I’m sure you will adjust and it’s worth it because you’re bringing money in.

    If you have the money for an iMac, go for it :). I think iMacs are great because they last longer than most desktops, their design is 1337, and it’s an Apple product! I’m trying to see if I can get one in the village when I move this fall.

    Hope you’ll get one soon! :D
    Nancy recently posted… Korean BBQ!My Profile

  4. I still remembered my dad advising me that it’s a whole lot more meaningful to support “local businesses” than going for anything mainstream or franchise. “Local businesses” for me meant businesses that began at someone’s home or garage here at my local area. I live just across the bay from Cupertino, CA, in which Apple was born and currently headquartered at. In short, I’m *supposed* to have/purchase an Apple product (which includes an iMac).

    But like many of us, I’m poor LOL. I can’t afford a system that’s worth more than my bi-weekly salary. Lucky for me, another “local business” was established and it’s also located across the bay from where I live: Mountain View, CA, home of Google. I think there’s a pattern here now LOL.

    And in the end, I did not end up supporting my “local businesses.” I’m stuck with a Dell running WIndows 8.1. My “local businesses” have become so overhyped that I find it unattractive for me. (although I own an Android phone because I’m too cheap to own an iPhone and regardless that I’m “upgraded” now in the PC scene, I still hate Windows 8 =T)

    Oh, and another thing, I am a gamer myself. No Macs for me if I wanted to play my games LOL.
    Adri recently posted… Still nervous about Mame-chan 3…My Profile

  5. Yes, I also need an iMac. Of course, my reasoning for this is highly logical, irrefutable, and a bunch of other words that I probably don’t pronounce correctly. :P I need one because I’m stuck using a Dell Latitude D520 laptop running Windows XP, and doing anything on it is a PITA! :D

    Your new schedule sounds hectic, but hopefully it will soon be worth it. Best of luck!
    Jessica recently posted… I Need A KittenMy Profile

  6. Of course you need an iMac! Well, who doesn’t???
    I had one but when I started doing layout and photo editing it was too weak, I needed more CPU power etc. I now have a Macbook Pro that I love, but I miss the lovely screen of the iMac. My parents has it now, and I really wanted them to have a computer that WORKS.
    Not sure I’ll get an iMac again, but they certainly rock.
    Susanne aka Sinead recently posted… Another plant that I loveMy Profile

  7. We have an iMac at work as one of our lab computers (for troubleshooting/testing purposes) and I love it! I have an old Toshiba Satellite so of course I need an iMac!

    Going back to work always kicks your ass. I was off for 3 months last year and came back part time before resuming full time. It killed me to work 3 hour shifts. I came home totally exhausted!
    Kirsten recently posted… It’s ours!My Profile

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