Monthly Archives: June 2014

Soul Crushing Defeat

As is typically the case, my personal life superseded the time I had to be online, let alone on my computer. In addition to work and school, we are also in the process of trying to buy and secure a second home. One closer to town so R can stop driving 100 miles a day to commute to and from work.

Yes, you read that right. 100 miles a day.

Now while he’s grown accustomed to the commute and recognizes it’s a necessary evil, it’s also an evil that is cutting into a lot of our personal time. Spending time together during the week, generally means crawling into bed, watching an hour or two of some show on Netflix and then passing out.

It’s been months since we have actually cooked a meal and sat down at the table to eat as a family. Longer since it hasn’t been some type of fast food picked up as he comes home because it’s more convenient to do that, then try to make dinner at 7 at night, when we have to get up so early the next morning.

The time we spend during is more like counting down the minutes until we have to get up and repeat this tireless routine over and over again.

I’m tired. He’s tired and we can no longer go on like this.

We managed to find the house that we felt was perfect. The location was ideal, it cut his commute to 20 minutes to and from the office, and it had a lot of features of a house we truly loved. Unfortunately, the seller was unwilling to cooperate or budge, despite the numerous concessions made on our part, including paying 3,000 over appraisal value, and as a result we had to let the property go.

We are immensely saddened by the loss, but being the realist I am, I’d already figured Murphy’s Law would prove true as usual and was prepared for the blow.

R, however was not and is just now coming to terms with losing the location that we both felt was perfect. Still, as with all things, I believe everything happens for a reason and we will continue searching for a home that we both adore and hopefully one that will help us grow our family.

I’m not sure where we will end up or hell if we’ll like where we do end up, but I figured as long as we’re together, we’ll come out of this standing.