Every Man Winds Up With The Horse That Suits Him

Apparently the only way to get me to blog with some regularity is to put me in a place where there’s nowhere for me to go and not much for me to do.

See, in flight, on the way to Seattle.

And the cursor blinks endlessly as I try to think of something to type.. anything beyond the I did this or this is what’s going on, that is so typical of a lifestyle blogger.

At least this lifestyle blogger.

It’s strange that years ago I had no problems blogging about things that were near and dear to me, yet as I grow older I find I’m a little more hesitant and not as willing to open up. While once upon a time, I’d blog about my marriage or relationship with a bat of an eye, I feel now as if I am being disrespectful if I do. I suppose thats a good thing to some people but it makes it incredibly hard to find something to blog about when the majority of your life has been cut from prompt possbilities.

I guess I really need to sit down and ask R how he feels about it. If he’s okay being a character on my blog when he’s such a big one in my life. Once upon a time, I’d never imagined receiving permission but I guess love, real love makes you do the wacky.

Alecia and I have been talking on a regular basis now which is strange because we tend to do this on and off thing, where we talk and then don’t for months on end, lol. I think part of that was finding and redefining our friendship after, the Bestie Break Up of 2007, both of which we had a part in, but a lot of it had to do with a certain ex that did his damnedest to separate us and in the end it worked. I think for both of us, there were a lot of lessons learned, about ourselves and each other. Communication between the two us was, well to put it bluntly, shit, and as a result the friendship imploded and we both did the ‘let’s find ourselves’ for about 3 years. She learned more about herself as an individual and I learned to rediscover the person I’d lost after being in a relationship for several years and then getting married. It was a long time coming for the both of us and something we both desperately needed. lost

There were some days during those 3 years, where we’d learned to live without, the other that I missed our friendship, though back then I’d never would have admitted it, to anyone. She was one of the few, earlier on, that understood my humor and sarcasm and was able to match it with some of her own. As I get older, I realize people like that are harder and harder to find.

It’s a bit strange that we may be coming full circle again, but I wonder if somehow, we were always meant to find our way back to each other1. There’s some talk about her, her fiance, and daughter moving out to Arizona as soon as the end of the year.

I am excited because so few people understand that my escape is the online world and that to me, is doing something social. I’ve grown up with too many people thinking I should put myself out there, get out of the house, do something other then just sit there, because there was no understanding or attempt at understanding that being glued to my computer monitor, was me doing something, and Alecia is one of the very few people who gets that.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do still go out on occasion and do things outside of the house but I have a very low tolerance level for outdoor activity. To add to that, I’m also very particular about who I do things with, where, and how. There are not many people I can stand to go out to the movies, a concert, or hell, even Walmart with. Alecia has always been on the list of the few that I can, so I’m excited to have someone around that I can do those things with again. Everything is still in the planning stages but it’s something to hope for at least and minus the sports or MMA fights that her fiance is into, I think he and R have a bit in common that should tide them over while we are out doing things and even if they don’t, they can figure it out. Big boys and all that2.

And now that I’ve created a blog that essentially glorifies Alecia, I’m going to find something else to occupy my time.


Having WiFi available on a flight is dangerous. It means I can do stupid things like shop.

Sorry babe3.

  1. G-d that was sappy. My apologies.
  2. Well, you’d think.
  3. Not really.

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  1. I tried the social offline thing and suck at it. Really though I can’t say that I don’t suck at this social thing online now, my anxiety has grown to encompass any kind of encounter. It’s not as bad in the digi world, though.
    It’s good to reconnect with old friends, and I hope that you two continue to re-strengthen your old bond :)
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