Achievement Unlocked: Pregnant

This post has been a long time coming but with everything that’s been going on, R’s health issues, death in the family, Thanksgiving, etc. it’s not been high on the priority list. I spent the whole of November getting the house in order for Thanksgiving which included dinner for 21 people and absolutely 0 time on my desktop. In short, life has been insane.

As many of you know, R and I have been actively going through fertility treatments, specifically IVF to try to conceive. We both have our own share of issues but it was mainly MFI1 due to low sperm count, testosterone issues, and mild retrograde ejaculation. Basically, it means we CAN get pregnant but it would be immensely difficult for us to do so.

2014 was the year all of this was discovered as we finally had insurance that covered treatment and it took us the whole of the year to truly process the information. I had always suspected something must be wrong, nearly 10 years together without a single pregnancy is kind of indicative of that, but it wasn’t until I stopped menstruating for 3 months, with every test popping up negative when we decided it was time to find out for sure. All I can say for those in similar situations, teetering on indecision and fear, the sooner you know, the better. Time is of the essence and contrary to what they would like you to believe, there really isn’t enough of it.

We took a break in 2014 after discovering our issues and didn’t resume treatment until the beginning of this year. We went through a fresh cycle2 at the end of March which resulted in a chemical pregnancy3 and then R ended up back in the hospital for pericarditis which left very little time to process or deal with the loss, though on some level I understood that these things happen, and nature did what it was meant to, terminate a pregnancy that would not be viable.

Despite all that, we decided to jump right into our next cycle under the premise that if necessary, we would stop the cycle since all of our embryos are frozen and there was no obligation to continue since they did not have me on stims4. It wasn’t something we shared with anyone. We kept it to ourselves because we didn’t know what would happen, whether this round would be successful, and honestly the stress of so many people wanting to know everything but not necessarily willing to understand the process was too much for both of us. As much as I wanted to be open and honest about our journey, and while I tried to some extent, I wasn’t successfully in continuing and I learned that I’m perfectly okay with that.

After several weeks of birth control, Lupron, progesterone shots, and suppositories….


The journey itself was one of the hardest we’ve been on. It tested us, not only individually, but as a unit, and allowed us the opportunity to find strength in each other or be torn apart. Lucky for us, and not many can say this, it brought us closer together. We are better for it and truly, truly grateful. After this week’s routine ultrasound, we found we still have a bit of a way to go5 but we are cautiously optimistic that we’ll be able hit that 34 week mark without another stay in the hospital, but as with many things, time will tell.

  1. male factory infertility related
  2. Embryos implanted after retrieval without freezing.
  3. A very early miscarriage that happened at a point that a missed period and biochemical tests, such as a HCG blood test or a home pregnancy test (checking HCG in urine), were the only evidence that you were pregnant.
  4. Hormone therapy.
  5. More on that in another post.

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  1. I’m so happy for you. I can’t even imagine what dealing with infertility is like and I totally understand why you wouldn’t want everyone breathing down your neck about how the process was going. Congrats and I hope both babies decide to stay comfy there for a bit longer.

  2. Biggest ‘grats ever! Seriously, I’m so excited and happy for you guys :D Hopefully those sweeties will cooperate and stay in until 34 at least 34 weeks. You’ve had a lot going on, and will have a lot going on again so soon so take some time now for you and try to rest (even if comfy isn’t an easy thing to come by right now).
    Miranda recently posted… Our Blanket ScareMy Profile

    • Yeah, the rest thing is difficult because of how uncomfortable I am now. I’m getting about 2-3 hours of sleep per night. >.< I'm going to try to sleep in the recliner in the game room tonight to see if I am successful in nabbing more then a few hours. Thank you so much for the congrats! Angie recently posted… Achievement Unlocked: PregnancyMy Profile

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