A Life Full of Service to Country

Not many people are aware of this, well at least not many people I interact with online are aware, but I grew up as a Navy Brat. My father was in service to the military for 20 years and our lives were all about change of duty station and learning to adapt to new environments, while following military regulations.

As a result, I’ve met several service men and women, some active and some retired, but all still serving the country in some way or another. For example, my bestie’s husband is retired and now serves his country as not only a cop but also a volunteer firefighter, both of which he takes very seriously. He’s definitely one of those guys that would appreciate firefighter jewelry from joyjewelers.com, as a symbol of his commitment to serving our country.


It’s always been interesting to me that so many service men and women find themselves in occupations where service is the underlying theme. It’s also very admirable. I don’t know many people who could come out of serving their country and then go right back into doing it all over again. My older sister who works in the medical field as a radiologist is a testament to this and even though they no longer serve in the military, I still thank them for the service they provide to our country, day in and day out.

What is your experience when it comes to veterans in the workforce? Do you find that the majority that you know, get out and find some way to service their country further or do they go into a completely different occupation that has nothing to do with service?

I do wonder if it’s more prevalent in certain areas or if it just depends on the occupation so I’d love your feedback.

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