Growth Check Up

On Tuesday, I went in for a growth check ultrasound per the request of my OB. He has us on bi-weekly ultrasounds now for two reasons. The first is because my cerivx had shortened considerably which could potentially lead to preterm labor and the second is to monitor our little girl who is measuring on the small side to ensure she is growing and there are no issues with blood flow to and from her umbilical cord.

As a precaution, I packed up my hospital bag, along with some of my planning stuff and my Macbook because I wasn’t sure if this ultrasound would result in my being admitted like it did the last time. Turns out I had nothing to worry about and there wasn’t even a hint of the possibility of being admitted. I’ll admit, I was pretty relieved.

As for the kids, our little girl is still measuring on the small side but she gained about 12 oz in the last 18 days, making her approximately 2lbs, 14oz, though she is still in the 5th percentile. The doppler test on her umbilical cord revealed that the blood flow to and from the placenta is good and the tech further reassured us by letting us know that as long as she is growing it’s a good sign, though she’s likely just going to be on the small side when she comes, which is really no surprise, given the genetics in my family.

Our little boy on the other hand seems to be taking after his dad and is approximately 3lbs, 9oz, in the 41st percentile. His growth is right on track and his scans showed he is looking good as well. I do wonder if position plays a part in the weight discrepancies, as presently he is higher up and on my left, whereas she is way low, with her head right on my cervix and on the right. He seems to have a bit more room to more around, whereas she does not.

We have a follow-up with our OB on Monday to discuss the results in a more in-depth capacity and then our next ultrasound is scheduled for the 8th of January. It’s still a little surreal to me that I’m almost done. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was waiting for my bump to come in and now here we are at 30 weeks, 6 days and only a few weeks left (assuming they don’t come early) before our lives will completely change forever, again.

Have you had any life changing events? If so, what? Was the change for the better or the worse?

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  1. Congratulations on having twins! Hope everything keeps on going well with the ultrasounds and road to birth :). It sounds like things are working out so far. It must be exciting to prepare for the kids!

    I’ve had some life-changing experiences, and I find them all for the better one way or another. I see it as a thing that makes us become better people (even if we grow from it) :)

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