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I meant to have this post up on Tuesday, however as I get further along in my pregnancy, I find that I get less sleep, I’m much more uncomfortable, and I tend to spend more days in bed than out because the effort of getting up is just too difficult, so you have my apologies for the delayed post and lack of notice.

One of my goals for the year, which might be a little unrealistic, given that fact that I’ll be a mom of not just one but two babies, is to concentrate and refocus my attention on my blog. I’ve let it fall to the wayside far too often with very little reason, especially when writing is a method I used to use to cope with stress, anxiety, and everyday life, and I imagine I’ll need that sort of outlet as I swim through the waters of parenting.

So what’s the point of all this yammering? Well, to put it simply, I am going to attempt to blog everyday for a year. O.o

I spoke to Alecia about whether this was a crazy idea and she further encouraged me by saying she didn’t think it was, so in an effort to keep myself motivated and inspired, I am inviting those who wish to participate to join me in blogging each day for a year.

If you do decide to join, all I ask is that you add your link below and link back to my blog, using the button supplied. In the spirit of getting back to my blogging roots, I am really hoping to find some new blogs to read as well as meeting new people and perhaps establishing some connections.

I do hope everyone has a wonderful time ringing in the New Year and hope that 2016 treats you well! Here’s to hoping for a great New Year!

365 Days of Blogging | #365DoB

365 blogging

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4 Responses to 365 Days of Blogging #365DoB

  1. I’ve got a lot of blog/business goals to achieve this year and this its just the tip of the iceberg! Look forward to not only pushing myself to blog more but to interacting by commenting on participants blogs too!

    PS we gonna start an FB group for this ?

  2. I’d love to join, but sadly I’ve got online classes, work, and heaps of upcoming (possibly that is) web projects that may include a future wedding website for my brother and his fiancee (and anything else related to that subject nature) coming up. Also, maybe I should make this as a “resolution,” but blogging for me also depends on my mood as well. You should’ve seen how many Kindle books I’ve purchased/downloaded for the entire 2015 all dedicated to “Journal/blog writing prompts” hehe.

    Good luck to those who will be participating! ^_^
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