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Everything Happens For A Reason

Everything Happens For A Reason

I’m going to put a pause on the “A Revelation” series for now given that my hands are killing me due to the swelling caused by pregnancy. My right hand is not as bad but my left hand which already has pre-existing carpal tunnel is hating me. I picked up some compression gloves today and I’m homing that will help. The only down side of course is that they make my hands hot, but it’s better then the alternative.

I’m probably going to start picking up some design work as a means to bring in extra income. R did not get the job in Seattle as we’d hope, which neither of us were surprised about. He is a good fit for the company, just not for that particular role and that boils down to the fact that the role would have put him in a non-executive, non-management position and he’s surpassed that role by years. Right now he’s working with a firm whose focus is to locate a job for him that fits his criteria, including pay, benefits, location, etc. They say that they’re usually able to place a candidate in a position in 90 days so we’ll have to see. I hate seeing him like this because I know it wears on him, especially his ego, and his need to provide for his family. I just have to keep telling him, we will be okay. It’s just a matter of getting him to believe it.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and the last time this happened, it proved to be a good thing for us, so I’m hoping this will be the case as well. Obviously, time will tell, but I figure there’s no sense worrying over split milk.

Well, at least not yet.