Running On Fumes or Not Running At All

Running On Fumes or Not Running At All

Well, it’s safe to say the baby shower took its toll. Not only did I swell up today in both my hands AND feet, despite the fact I was barely on my feet today, but I can feel myself retreating as I try to re-energize my already depleted batteries. The lack of sleep isn’t helping and is only adding to my inability to recharge.

I had planned on blogging about and posting pictures of the shower today, but I realized I didn’t have it in me. It’s a miracle I’m actually blogging because that in itself seemed like a feat too, which is problematic, given my desire to blog every day this year. People have the tendency to wear me out in general, but when you add pregnancy to the mix, my ability to deal dwindles much, much faster and I struggle to find the desire to care or try.

As it stands, I have a friend staying with me tomorrow and my mother-in-law will be here later that afternoon/evening and I’m dreading it. It HAS to happen because R will be flying out to Seattle and someone needs to be here in case I go into labor, but it’s only going to cause me to further retreat into myself, as I haven’t had time to recharge from Sunday’s festivities. Sometimes I wish I was a little more like my sister, who’s an extrovert and finds she recharges by being around people but ultimately, I recognize that I much prefer to be introverted as it means I’m less trusting of people I have just met.

I make no promises that tomorrow’s blog will be any better than the last two, but I do know, well know to a degree, maybe 90%, that I will blog tomorrow… or at least I’ll think about blogging and I guess, given my current state, that’s all one can ask for.

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  1. Hope that you’re able to get some sort of rest. I understand needing someone to be there in case you go into labor, but that still sucks that you’re going to further retreat into yourself because of it. Hopefully the time flies and R is back before you know it =3
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