Etsy Review: Tony Bud’s Sewing

Etsy Review: Tony Bud's Sewing

Earlier this month, R and I purchased some Harry Potter robes from a shop on Etsy for our baby shower since our theme was Harry Potter. I wanted to give a detailed review based on our experience, however Etsy has a broken system and truncates your comments once you hit a certain post limit, so I figured I’d share the review here and link to it on the seller’s shop. It’s odd to me that places like Etsy and eBay prevent detailed reviews because as a consumer, I’d like to know as much as I can about a product, especially if it’s a handmade product without an option for refund. Hopefully, this review will prove useful for those who are thinking about ordering from TonyBudsSewing. HP Robes

Communication star_reviewsstar_reviews

Initial communication was great. Responses were timely and the shop owner was very communicative, however, towards the end of the quoted estimate for shipment, communication became non-existent. This was a rush shipment so continued communication was essential in determining whether or not the item would arrive on time. The explanation provided after the fact was due to the shop owner being in the hospital, however based on a prior review I was not the only customer who has encountered issues of dropped communication due to an emergency. Perhaps, it would be advisable to have someone on standby that can check messages and respond in situations where emergencies arise to assure customers.

Shipping star_reviews

This was an issue. There was an incorrect address as shipment, however this was NOT the fault of the shop owner.

I purchased rush processing and was assured that the item would be here before the 17th for a baby shower. The shop owner gave an estimated date of shipping, as the Wed prior to the 17th, however did not ship the item until Friday, citing, hospital admission as the reason and an assistant who did not send the items off as agreed. While, I can definitely understand emergencies happen, with rush items, dependent on a specific arrival time, there should be some contingency in place to account for such emergencies.

The shop owner did ship the item on Friday as overnight via USPS, which quoted an arrival of the following day, however, given the season, and the company used to ship the items, delays should have been expected. It’s likely the item would have arrived on time if another shipping provider were chosen, FEDEX or UPS, for example.

I will say the shop owner refunded the rush-processing fee at my request, though it was a little off-putting to have the entire incident blamed on USPS when the item was sent out 2 days later than promised.

This will not keep me from buying from the shop again, however, it will keep me from buying items that require rush processing based on my experience.

Fit star_reviewsstar_reviewsstar_reviewsstar_reviews

Measurements were on point. The height was perfect for both myself and my husband and my robe fit quite well. The only issue we had was that the XL was a little tight in the shoulders but otherwise it was a perfect fit for us both.

Quality star_reviewsstar_reviewsstar_reviewsstar_reviewsstar_reviews

The item quality is excellent and definitely worth the price. The robes are heavy and feel as if they will last awhile. The detailing of the wand pocket inside the robe was very nice, though I do wish the shop owner had taken the time to ask what our dominant hands are as both robes had the wand pocket on the left side of the robe when both my husband and I are right-handed.

Overall star_reviewsstar_reviewsstar_reviewsstar_reviews

Aside from the shipping issues, I would recommend this shop to anyone looking for customized robes or Harry Potter robes. The details added to the robes truly made it one of a kind. My only advice is to avoid ordering from this shop for time sensitive items. Otherwise, it’s likely we will order again.

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  1. I wanted to say thank you for your review. I am considering a purchase from this shop and it was very helpful.

    The warning about time-sensitive shipments is especially helpful. I need something in less than a month…

    I did want to say, though, that a wand pocket on the left should be correct for a right-handed person. They always reach across their body to draw a wand from an inside pocket. It would actually be difficult to maneuver around the fabric to draw from an inside pocket on the same side as your hand is on.

  2. This Is the worst shop I’ve ever seen. My Daughter paid $200 to have a custom dress made for Halloween n it came in the wrong color with sequins falling off. It Looked like at most a $20 dress. When I called and said we wanted or money they were extremely rude and hung up on me! I’m Going to contact the bbb.

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