In This For The Long Haul… Well, Maybe

In This For The Long Haul... Well, Maybe

Yesterday, we met with our OB to find out whether or not he was going to induce me at 36 weeks. To be honest, I didn’t know how I felt about it. At one point, I am so done being pregnant but on the other, I know that logically, the longer the babies bake the better, so I was a bit torn. Ultimately, the decision wasn’t really mine to make. Tempe made the call based on the growth scan the prior Friday and since she rose such a significant amount, my OB decided it would be best to keep them in longer and take it week by week, which I completely agree and support AND glad to see he’s not one of the gun-ho OB’s that will induce because it’s convenient. Beached Turtle

He was also really surprised at how much she had grown. He said he had to consult one of the doctors that works in the perinatal division, which is where we do our ultrasounds about the results because he fully expected to be penciling me in for an induction, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

The current game plan is to continue with weekly NSTs and BPPs1, with weekly appointments to see him to determine how the kids are doing. He doesn’t think they’ll make it to week 38, however I have my doubts, seeing as we are 36 weeks, 4 days in right now. Also, based on our experiences, the sprats seem to be quite stubborn so I can totally envision them saying “Challenge accepted.” and pointing and laughing as they hold out 2 more weeks. They get that from their daddy. ;)

Still, it’s a little surreal to realize that today marks a month until my estimated due date. We’re obviously going to induce before then but, seriously, where has the time gone?

/cue freak out

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