A Birth Story: Every End Has a Beginning

And This is Ours…

On the morning of February 10, 2016, R and I woke up, called the hospital to confirm they still had a bed for us, showered and then headed over to Labor and Deliver 1 where we checked in so I could be induced. I don’t really remember how I felt about it, other than being nervous about bringing the babies I had nourished and protected so well over the course of 9 months into the world. I was ready but I wasn’t. I wanted them out but I didn’t want to subject them to a world that can be so cruel.

Parenting Turns out I didn’t really have to worry much about that because after a 5am check in, we still had another 6 hours to wait before anything actually happened. Suffice to say it was a little frustrating, especially since R could have used that time to get some rest but from other friends and family who’ve been induced, that’s standard practice.

After a cervix check to figure out how dilated I was around 9:30-10:00 (I was 1cm dilated), the resident stated she would speak with the doctor but figured the plan would be to administer some type of medication to help further my dilation and then once I got to 3cm dilation, they’d begin Pitocin which would help with my contractions. She returned around 10:30 to state that since my cervix was already 80% effaced, the doctor did not feel the medication would help as it’s general purpose was to assist with thinning the cervix so we skipped right to start Pitocin in help open up my cervix.

Let’s just say things took a while.

Okay more than a while…

to be continued…
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