Well Checkup & Black Desert Online

Well Checkup & Black Desert Online

The Goombas had their 2 week well checkup today and things are looking well. Tiberius weighed in at 6.5lbs and Tempe weighed in at 5.3lbs, so they are gaining weight like they should be. Their pediatrician was very happy to see their progress and when I mentioned I was exclusively pumping, she was very supportive and didn’t give me any push back. In fact, she recommends I try pumping every 4 hours during the early hours of the morning so I can get more sleep, and while I’d love to take her up on her offer, until my supply is established, I think it best if I stick to every 3 hours. She did say that I still have some time to build my supply and stated I was doing everything I should be doing. That little validation goes a long way, especially when the last thing I want to do is get up at 3am to pump.

The other day I meant to post the temporary character I created for the half hour that I played the close beta for Black Desert Online. Their character creation system is ridiculous, both in a good and bad way. Good, because there are so many potential options that you really can make a character that is unique and bad in the sense that there are too many options, especially if you’re just starting out with the game and you’re not familiar with how their character creation works. Still, compared to a lot of the other games out there, the customization options blow the rest out of the water and thankfully, they have a standalone character creation program so you can tweak your character and learn the different options available so you’re not spending ALL your time during launch, working on the kinks and specifics when all you want to do is play.

I doubt I’ll have much time to really play and invest in the game but it’s still neat to see how far things have progressed in the world of MMOs. Hopefully, in a few months I’ll have the time to dedicate to it, but for now, I leave you with a few images of my temporary character. If you’re impressed, be sure to check out the game!

2016-02-21_128369644 2016-02-21_128380085
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    Try not to fall asleep while you're pumping and dump the bottle everywhere k?

    This game looks really interesting in terms of character customization! I love the one you made. It makes me want to dye my hair just like it. I haven't played GW2 in a few months due to boredom, this seems like it would be an interesting alternative.
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