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Story of My Life

Story of My Life

I’ve done an exceptionally good job of neglecting this blog, despite my promises to do better. life, as is usually the case, has bested me once again. I am also realizing that as much as the title of this domain suits me presently, and if I’m honest, likely always will, I feel this obnoxious need to create a brand and build up my audience and following. I am not sure why that is, I have never been interested in conforming to one standard before, and yet, here I am, struggling between staying lost in wonderland, or finding another name, another domain that is more suited for creating a brand and establishing a presence.

It is amusing for me to consider that in the days past, blogs and a person’s web design and layout spoke volumes of the individual they were. It went hand in hand with creativity and expression and now it seems so many are forcing themselves into square pegs, trying to keep their web designs simple, elegant, and classic. It is almost impossible, if not entirely to find a blog where the theme lends itself to its owner. Instead what I see, time after time, over and over again are themes that are designed to mimic so many others with only the logo and color palette to set itself apart from others, and therein is where my struggle lies.

I am a circle trying to force myself into a square peg and failing miserably at it.

Story of my life.