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Microphones: The Big Debate

Recently, I dusted off my dSLR and pulled it out to record an unboxing of my Razer Naga Epic Chroma, which I still need to finish processing so I can upload it, but we’ll talk about that later.

In any event, my current set up is to record video on the camera and use a portable recording device for the audio. It works for what I need, but it can be a pain in the but because it’s currently on a boom stand which just adds another element to the recording that I have to make sure does not show up on video.

Don’t get me wrong, I really do like the mic but it would be nice if I had something that was geared more towards what I intend to use it for. With that in mind, I have started researching microphones, particularly a focused mic that rejects sound from the side and rear of the microphone and excels, instead on picking up sounds directly in front of it.

A shotgun microphone seems to be my best option, however it’s something that will need to wait as it is certainly not in the budget. I am still doing some more research to determine which microphone I want to go with, but I imagine this will go a LONG way in helping with video recording and I can use my Razer Seiren for specifically for podcast purposes.

This week has definitely been on off week for me given how little sleep I have gotten so I am still researching and then hopefully, I’ll have a good idea of what I want to use and can pop it into my wish list for safekeeping.

For those of you who do video recording, what type of equipment do you use, specifically what microphone or microphones have you used/considered? What have you found works best for your use case?

A Life Full of Service to Country

Not many people are aware of this, well at least not many people I interact with online are aware, but I grew up as a Navy Brat. My father was in service to the military for 20 years and our lives were all about change of duty station and learning to adapt to new environments, while following military regulations.

As a result, I’ve met several service men and women, some active and some retired, but all still serving the country in some way or another. For example, my bestie’s husband is retired and now serves his country as not only a cop but also a volunteer firefighter, both of which he takes very seriously. He’s definitely one of those guys that would appreciate firefighter jewelry from, as a symbol of his commitment to serving our country.


It’s always been interesting to me that so many service men and women find themselves in occupations where service is the underlying theme. It’s also very admirable. I don’t know many people who could come out of serving their country and then go right back into doing it all over again. My older sister who works in the medical field as a radiologist is a testament to this and even though they no longer serve in the military, I still thank them for the service they provide to our country, day in and day out.

What is your experience when it comes to veterans in the workforce? Do you find that the majority that you know, get out and find some way to service their country further or do they go into a completely different occupation that has nothing to do with service?

I do wonder if it’s more prevalent in certain areas or if it just depends on the occupation so I’d love your feedback.

How to Get the Most out of Your Day Spa Experience

A trip to the spa is typically a special event that you get to have every once in a while. Because you probably don’t get to visit a day spa very frequently, getting the most out of your trip is essential. Treatments can be expensive, so you don’t want to be disappointed with the amount of money you spent on a service that wasn’t as good as you expected. In order to really enjoy the luxury that a spa day can provide, you should prepare yourself before hand and follow these tips so that you can relax and have a good time.

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Holiday Gift Guide

Generally, during this time of the year I’m a ball of stress as I frantically try to figure out what to get for who. It’s probably the time of the year I loathe the most because I have this thing were I tend to try to top the gift(s) I’ve given to someone the year prior. This is especially true where R is concerned. As a result of this mentality, I run out of affordable gifts to give and so this year we just decided to skip the holiday festivities. Despite that, I think the idea of a holiday gift guide is fantastic and maybe next year, this will help me in my adventures of finding the perfect gift.

2013 Christmas Gift Guide Infograhic,

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A DVD Dilemma

For those who’ve been a part of my life for the past few years, you know I’ve become obsessed with DVDs. Obsessed. Let me just reiterate that again, obsessed. I have over 800 DVDs in my collection and I continue to buy more, much to R’s annoyance. Yes, they take up a lot of room but I just can’t bring myself to get rid of them or stop buying them for that matter.

After visiting my brother-in-law in Seattle, he showed me an application called PLEX which is used to manage your media, both DVDs, Blu Rays, and music. I was intrigued because while I love my collection, I will fully admit that having to get up to put the DVD in or change it, is a bit tiresome. The application he was using allowed him to burn all of his DVDs to his computer and stream it in several different locations; color me intrigued. ;)

I know that R has pushed me to consider selling our DVDs or at the least uploading them to the cloud. I can see the value in what he is suggesting because it would free up a lot of space in the house but I’m hesitant because as we all know the internet goes down. It would be facing the possibility of having absolutely nothing to keep me preoccupied if all of my movies and TV shows are sitting in the cloud.

For those of you who have a DVD collection that you’ve spent years collecting, what are you views on uploading them to the cloud and selling your collection? Obviously, it’s beneficial in the sense that you won’t have to worry about storage and tons of cases, but when you’ve devoted over 10 years of your life purchasing and buying DVDs, it’s difficult to let go. I’m still undecided about what I want to do but I think I’ll take a look to see how much I can possibly sell my collection for before I make a decision.