I can promise 98% uptime.
I offer hosting for a few reasons:

  • I have the space, and I know what it’s like to not be able to buy my own hosting, whatever the reason,
  • I’d like to provide a creative outlet for creatives of all shapes, sizes and kinds, and
  • I enjoy helping people grow.


Sites I will host

I will host blogs (definitely upon invitation), fanlistings, collectives, portfolios, TCGs, TCG posts, etc. You can always just ask about your idea and see if I will host you!


If you’re wanting a subdomain, your URL will be

I do hope to purchase domains in the future that I can both use for myself and allow my hostees to use. Follow me on Twitter via @angsaysroar for random ramblings from me, as well as updates regarding Lost in Wonderland.


It is important that these are followed. I’m only strict because I do not have a lot of time to help you if something goes wrong. I work full time and am a mother to twins; that leaves very little room for anything else.

  • You need to have at least some HTML/CSS knowledge, as I am not going to teach you. There are tutorials out there on the web that can help you. I don’t really have time to help.
  • I cannot keep a back up of your site at all times for you, so make sure you always have a backup of your website. Do not edit your website directly on the server.
  • Make sure all scripts are up-to-date and secure.
  • If you are using WordPress, you are REQUIRED to install InfiniteWP. This will allow me to monitor your plugins and WordPress, ensuring they are updated for security purposes.
  • I do not have a problem with Cutenews like many hosts do. Cutenews has recently been updated and made more secure, as long as you ensure that you keep it up to date.
  • Advertisements are not allowed at this time unless you have been approved.
  • Sites must be in English. Please do not use sTiCkY cApS, as it is difficult to read. Try to have adequate grammar and punctuation.
  • Domain hostees may not host anyone. This is free hosting, and I don’t have unlimited space (it doesn’t actually exist, by the way!). TCGs may have an exception.
  • I will not host hatelistings.
  • All hostees must link back to me as their host.
  • Hostees must also comply with Surpass Hosting’s Terms of Service.
  • I will not host forums, music sites, etc. If the music is your own, then talk to me about it. If the forums are for TCGs, then you need my approval first.
  • Please stay active.

Termination & Warnings

Before I terminate an account, I will email you. You will have at least one month to gather your things. The termination of accounts happens only after the account holder uses up his/her 3 warnings. If your account is a threat against the server, your account will be suspended and possibly terminated without warning. If you are hacked and your website contains malware, it will be scanned immediately and the infected files removed. I will not save a backup of these.

If you have not updated your site in 190 days without notice, your account will be terminated.


500mb diskspace
1000mb bandwidth
1 ftp account
5 emails & mailing lists
5 mysql databases
0 extra domains
email forwarding
1000mb diskspace
15000mb bandwidth
10 ftp accounts
10 emails & mailing lists
10 mysql databases
10 extra domains*
email forwarding
1500mb diskspace
2000mb bandwidth
20 ftp accounts
20 emails & mailing lists
20 mysql databases
20 extra domains*
email forwarding

* for domains only.


Should you need to contact me for any reason, you can email me or tweet me. In fact, you should tweet me if I don’t reply to your email within three days. :)


Fill out this form. Email me via the email above if you run into any problems.

Link back

You are required to link back to me as your host.

You can list your host as “Angie” or “Lost in Wonderland”.


I am currently hosting….


Can I direct link cards from a TCG hosted by you to my trade post hosted by you?
Yes! I mean, why have duplicate items on the server when we could just have one and link to that one?

Will you host my TCG and my trade post?
Yes. You’ll also get two accounts with that.

Do I have to link you as my host?
Yes, and, before it’s asked, I must be linked on every page.

I heard you’re against those scripts that disable right clicking and highlighting. Does that mean I can’t have this on my site?
Correct! I’m assuming you’re unaware that said scripts don’t stop people from taking whatever it is that you’re preventing them from taking. I don’t want that on my server.

My site’s down! You have bad service! It goes down every hour!
/sigh. How many windows of your site do you have up? How many times are you working on it? Visit and see if it’s just you or if it really is down, then decide whether you’re gonna contact me and complain about it. If it’s just you, wait a while before contacting me with your IP address and the details of the situation. Don’t send me an email about it without your IP address, because then you’re wasting our time due to the fact that we’ll have to exchange two more emails (one from me, one from you) JUST to begin to resolve this issue!

It is possible that you were blocked by the server due to your constant updating, refreshing, etc., so try to wait it out for a while. You can also try clearing your browser cache and/or resetting your router. Sometimes it’s even the Internet provider to blame. If the latter is the case, you’ll have to contact them, because my host & I have no control over that.

If blocked, it could also mean that you were pulling way too much from a database at once (database overload). To know whether this is the case, visit a page with tons of pulling from the same database/table. If you get blocked, BINGO! YOU can fix that yourself by not asking for so many database queries. ;D

If it is actually down, I most likely know about it. LostinWonderland.Me is monitored by SiteUptime. It’s checked every 30 minutes for downtime, and I am emailed when it is down.

Guidelines courtesy of Liz.