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In Which I Argue Why I Need an iMac

Hi Kids,

I’m alive.


I started working on Monday and to say the least, it’s kicking my ass… or it’s kicked my ass.

I’m not nearly as miserable or exhausted today as I was on Monday or Tuesday.

Either my body’s adjusting (doubt it) or it’s anticipating the weekend where I can sleep in and feign death (hello, WoW reference) so it’s tricking me into believing that I’m not too old to work full-time and go to school full-time.

I guess we’ll find out when next Monday rolls around.

Speaking of, I want an iMac.

Okay, that had nothing to do with the earlier statement BUT still.

Do you think I could potentially convince R that it’s for the sake of productivity?

I mean, I can’t game on it (unless I dual boot—which is not going to happen, I’m lazy, remember?)… so the argument is valid, right?


Shut up, logical side of my brain that keeps telling me I’m being ridiculous and I don’t need an iMac.

Except I do.

No, really!


Okay, maybe I don’t actually need it…

Who the hell am I kidding?

It’s shiny, pretty, and it does things…


Conclusion: I need an iMac.

Apple iMac

Image courtesy of Audio Fanzine

It’s okay, you can admit it…

You NEED one too, don’t you?!