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Call to Action

I’ve been on the blogging scene for almost 14 years and I’m ashamed to admit that during that time, I have not really established myself as a credible blogger. What I mean by that is a blogger who’s consistent with content, keeping myself motivated, and finding topics that are relevant to me AND my readers. ExcusesI’m not opposed to research or talking about controversial issues but for some reason, when it comes to my blogs, I find that I tend to talk about my everyday life, unless you so happen to catch me during the rare moments when I actually have something worthy to talk about.

In the interest of a New Year and a new adventure that I and a few others are partaking in, I’d like to change that. Gone are the days, when I would sit down and just start typing with no goal in mind. Gone are the days, where I half heartedly blog because I HAVE to because it’s been too long. Gone are the days when I’ve relied on my niche as a lifestyle blogger to support my inability to come up with topics that are worthy of being discussed, because quite frankly, I have a lot of topics to talk about, and it’s time I do just that.

The first step I intend to take to make this goal a reality is to sit down with a calendar and start working on topics that I want to talk about. It’s so easy to just sit down and talk about what my dogs are doing, what R is doing, and what I’ve been up to lately, that as a writer, I’ve lost the desire to create meaning out of the words I type. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be talking about my life, the things in my life, and my interests BUT I also want to discuss other topics, topics that are near and dear to my heart, and probably near and dear to others.

My blog is supposed to serve as a therapeutic outlet for me. It’s supposed to help me deal with emotions that I otherwise tend to bottle away and yet, if you read through my past entries, minus a handful that’s not what I’ve used it for AND I’d like to change that.

The topics I intend to discuss and further research will likely include infertility, the United States (broken) immigration system, marriage, my childhood, interracial relationships, and more. In addition to that, I’ll probably discuss some of my projects, one of which is centered on infertility awareness. Resolve.org has the Walk of Hope and I do plan on participating barring any issues, like having to work that day.

Overall, I’m excited about the things to come. It’s a BIG change from the lackadaisical mindset I’ve had in the past, but I think ultimately it will be worth it.

Confessions of a Blogger

I’ve seen this meme floating around, most recently on Liz‘s blog and I figured I’d fill it out as well. I’m not sure how intriguing I’ll be, as I haven’t been blogging or really focused on blogging as much as I have in the past, but I figured it could be fun.

When did you first start blogging and why?

I started blogging around 2000, right as I entered high school. Blogging was a means of an escape for me and it also allowed me to connect with others who had similar stories. As a teenager, I had a hard time connecting with my peers. I spent most of high school hiding under a façade. I was always known for being bubbly and cheerful; someone with a lovely disposition. Truthfully, I was angry and in pain, I just never let anyone see that side of me… at least no one I saw on a daily basis.

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I Feel, As a Person, Very Uninteresting

I’ll be the first person to tell you that I’m uninteresting. There’s truly nothing special about me that would entice anyone to want to read about the things I have to say and admittedly, for a long time that bothered me.

I wanted to be popular, well-known, and I wanted hundreds and hundreds of comments, as well as a PR rank and Alex rating that attested to that popularity. I wanted to be a “plastic”1, for lack of a better term.

Anyone who first knew me as “Angel” can probably attest that who I was then is very different to who I am now. I talked the talked, walked the walked, whilst maintaining the façade that I didn’t need people to like me; that PR, comments, SEO, etc. were all meaningless because I was blogging for myself.

Truth of the matter was, it was more like I was lying to myself.

Now don’t get me wrong, I wanted to blog for myself. I wanted to believe that comments, visitors, PR, etc. didn’t matter but the truth of the matter was I did care if people liked me. I did care about comments, PR, and visitors, and I desperately wanted to own a blog that people flocked to because they found me interesting, if not inspiring. myself-and-i-personal-text-typography-uninteresting-Favim.com-327581

I’m not quite sure when things turned around, maybe it was meeting Jenn, or maybe finally coming into my skin but I got to a point where I realized that my blog HAD to be for me. I realized that the longer I went on caring about numbers, visitors, and comments, the more likely I was cementing the utter and total demise of my status as a blogger, and the more I came to loathe blogging as a whole because it wasn’t fulfilling; at least not in the definition I had in my mind2.

My blog is an outlet. It is a place for me to curse, cry, rant, and learn. It’s a place for me to reflect on the person I am versus the person I was and the person I want to be. My words are for me and for me alone and you know what?

I’m okay with that.

Now a days I see so many bloggers falling into the same trap I once fell for; the belief that PR, Alexa, comments, and visitors define YOU as a person.

I will say this once, and only once: “Only YOU can define who you are.”

It doesn’t matter if you think you’re uninteresting or that the only thing you have to blog about is [insert subject here]. Believe me when I say, everyone thinks they’re uninteresting, everyone, but ultimately, there are people in your life now that DO find you interesting and that’s more important than a faceless name who thinks you aren’t.

  1. Mean Girls, anyone?
  2. Comments, visitors, PR, etc.