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Woe is School

School has been quite a pain point for me this year. I am normally fairly capable of scheduling time to commit to the chapters I need to get through and ensuring I understand the material and study thoroughly for the exam, but this has not been the case at all this year.

This year, I’ve fallen short and I hate it.

Many will tell me I’ve had a good reason for it but I still can’t help berating myself internally for not doing better. Being better. Now, I’m at the end of the course time for my current course and while I certainly feel more prepared for it then I did earlier this week, I still can’t say I’ll be walking out with a Project+ certificate and that grates on me. I’m not used to failing and lately that’s all I seem to be doing.

I have one more class left in the term and I have already penciled into my planner when I want to work on it. I’m hoping I can get through at least a chapter a day of notes and then work towards understanding the content once I have actually read the material. This of course is assuming I manage to pass my exam for my current class. I do know that when I take a test, I have the tendency to read through the questions too quickly AND second guess my original answer choice. I’m hoping that I remember this when I take the exam so it doesn’t end up biting me in the ass. I guess we will have to wait and see.

I am so close to finishing school, I can taste it. I just need to find my drive and motivation to push through so I can be done and start the ever so fun process of paying back my student loans. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder, why did I go to school again?