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A Diabolically Delicious Halloween

Well, hello there my pretties! Mwehehehehe~

The ever-so-lovely, absolutely NOT evil Administration of Vicarious would like to take a moment to update you on the happenings of our little community, as well as urge those of you who have drifted away to come on back! If you’re on the fence about whether we’re worth your while, allow me to ensnare you in my wicked little spe—er, breakdown of community events. ;)

Why don’t we first start with a humble bragging of what you may have missed if you have been away from us for the last month:

September brought forth the RETURN OF THE DEAD.. er.. Hoarders. Return of the Hoarders. It is of course thriving and you are more than welcome to come on back and jump in on the fun! A little birdie even told me that there were SIX new decks added this month! Shh.. it’ll be our little secret.

We also had our very first Vicarious V-Crate! I’ve heard nothing but good things from the recipients, so I think it’s safe to label that one a rousing success! Boy, I bet you wish you would have been there.. Alas! Perhaps you will have your chance in the distant future…

Now for October.. there are many tricks and treats patiently awaiting your arrival!

Our main bloodline for activity is our Deatheaters vs. Aurors event! You don’t know it yet, but you’ve already been sorted into your house (Yes, even YOU!) though you’ll just have to wait and see later today where you fall. Which will it be.. good or evil? Let the hand of fate (or a randomizer, fate’s hands are a liiiiittle busy currently) decide. Whether you are the evilest of Deatheathers or the most pure of Aurors, you will share a forum within your house where you can discuss your life choices and prepare yourselves for participation in the ACTIVITIES! (This is to be announced, we’re not spoiling ALL of the fun, guys..) Each forum will be accessible only to the members of that house, so there will be no Deatheaters in the Auror common room and vice versa.

Our first set of activities will be for our houses to get to know each other. So, for the week of October 3-9, we will be appointing the Head Girl of each house as well as engaging in “Get to know you!” activities.

For ACTIVE participants of the October festivities, there will be a superawesomefantastical Grab Bag full of goodies! OooooOooooOooo.. doesn’t it just make you giddy with delight?! You MUST be active and really giving it your all in order for your Grab Bag to make it your way, but I promise it’s so very worth it!

Last but not least, for the entirety of the month of October, we are offering FREE (yes .. free!) username changes! In order to take advantage of this amazing offer, just go into your Board Preferences and select ‘Change Username’ on the left-hand side! Once you have had your username changed, you will need to notify an Administrator so that you can regain access to anything you may have been a part of before (ie: Hoarders). Take advantage of this offer before it goes away!

And that is everything I dare give away to you for now.. unless you come on over and check things out yourself!

Now doesn’t that just sound like the start of something.. magical?

Interested in joining the community? There’s a nifty little button in the side bar under JOIN ME that will transport you to the fun! Keep in mind, it’s advised you fill out your profile information as fully as possible so the Administrators know you’re not a bot/spam. ;)