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Friday Five

I’m trying this thing where I try to blog at least 3 times a week, whether it’s a specific segment, such as Friday Faves, or just blogging in general— updates, mindless rambling in bullet form, etc. One of the reasons I go so long without blogging, other then the typical “life happens” excuse, is often times I feel it can be tedious. Trying to find something to blog about outside of how my day went can be tiresome, so rather then spend time stewing over whether or not the post would be considered “read worthy”1, I don’t. However, blogging at one point was very therapeutic for me but somewhere along the lines I got caught up in the numbers, the comments, and forgot the underlying purpose of blogging, which is for me. So here’s to hoping I will stick to my guns and not fall off the face of the earth as I am so prone to doing. Meanwhile, if you want to encourage me, let’s be honest, yell at me, hit me up on Twitter or on Facebook. I can’t promise it will do much good, but it doesn’t hurt to try right?

5 Friday Faves

Penny Dreadful

Ana has been talking about this show for awhile and I finally bit the bullet and purchased the first season on iTunes for $22(I think) and I love, love, love it. Penny Dreadful I’ve always had a strange fascination with the paranormal, supernatural, and horror. I am one of those people who will actively seek out scary movies or TV shows to watch2 so Penny Dreadful really hit the nose on all of those aspects. Well, almost all of those aspects.

I do not scare easily and while some might think Penny Dreadful is scary, I didn’t. I don’t think that’s really the fault of the show, though I’m not 100% convinced it’s meant to be scary, rather that I have built up a tolerance for the things normal people would consider scary. I think ultimately what draws me in about Penny Dreadful other than the supernatural, is the content. There’s depth, meaning, and thought put into the plot and the dialogue in each episode which, in my opinion, is very hard to find now a days. But, hey! Don’t take my word for it, go check it out yourself and tell me what you think.

Kindle Voyage

I will be the first person to tell you that I used to be a book snob. What is a book snob? Well, depending on who you ask it could mean a lot of things. In this case, I was a snob in the way that I promised I would never use an eReader because it could never beat the experience of having a book in your hand. I had it in my mind that those with eReaders could not possibly be avid readers because anyone who’s knows anyone, knows that the feel of a book, the smell of a book is all part of the reading experience. And then reality happened. It happened in a way that creeps up on you until you’re forced to realize the truth and stop living in the delusion that you call your life. In my instance, I ran out of room. Books are awesome, amazing things. You will NEVER hear me say they aren’t, but they are also a space suck, and unless you’re Belle in Beauty & the Beast, you probably don’t have a house, well castle, that has a room purely dedicated to books (if only) [….]

Admittedly, this first Friday 5 ended up being longer then I intended. Next week, I’ll see about making it more concise and to the point, similar to Dez. Until then, eat, sleep, geek.

  1. I just made that up, you’re welcome.
  2. Sadly, most of the horror movies that are coming out suck monkey balls.
  3. Hey, Amazon! Get on that will you?
  4. It’s OS 10, by the way. Not OS X.
  5. Sometimes I try to command + H on my desktop because it’s so much more convenient than minimizing the window.