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Another Battle, Another Victory

Maybe I’m the only person but I always feel like I’ve gone through a long drawn out battle when I decide to implement a new layout. The design process itself is hell and then you throw in some finicky code and you end up like me: eyes wide open with a look that can only be described as deranged, contemplating suicide whilst simultaneously yelling at your screen because no matter how much you yell, scream, or beg it refuses to do what you’ve told it. Then two seconds later, miraculously it’s working. Least to say, I am the proud victor in this battle and there were no casualties, unless you count my sanity, in which case I got screwed.

The month is nearly over and we’re fast approaching autumn which happens to be one of my favorite seasons so I figured that I might as well do a layout change for multiple reasons, 1, I started to loathe my prior layout1 and 2, I start school Monday so that means the “free time” and I use that term loosely, I did have will be dedicated to this thing called an education, which means my already limited creativity will be wasted on papers and speeches.

As much as I’d live to continue dispensing my woes, I need to get some sleep. Early day tomorrow since we have people interested in buying our old fridge. I am so looking forward to having to socialize with people I’ve never met before.

Say… do you think 9am is too early to start drinking?

It’s five-o-clock somewhere, right?


  1. It was a little too narrow for me.