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Life On The Other Side

Life On The Other Side

I spent some time today working on my Twitch stuff and managed to finish my “Starting Soon” scene. It took a bit to get it set up the way I wanted it, but I am overall happy with the design. I think once I get a little more comfortable, I’ll likely change it, but for now, it suits my purpose.

Now that I’ve finished that bit, it’s time to move on to the overlay for in-game, however before I can do that, I need to actually set up my UI, specifically for Blade & Soul since I haven’t actually gotten around to playing the game much enough to figure out how I want to lay it out. I’m still happy with the little bit of progress I have made and hopefully, I’ll feel motivated enough tomorrow to actually sit down and figure stuff out. We’ll have to see.

Tonight, we are having a friend and some family over for dinner. The family coming over will likely spend the majority of the time talking to my mother-in-law and my friend and I will probably do something like play a game or watch a show. It will really depend on my mood. As is the modus operandi lately, sleep has not been forth coming so I may decide that it’s all a bit too much and hiding in my bedroom is the better alternative. We will see.

I’ve been having the itch to play around with my Silhouette but exhaustion has gotten the better of me and any remaining brain power I have, I try to hoard like a crack addict on meth, simply because I figure it could go to better use. I’m at the stage where I am absolutely ready for these babies to make their appearance but at the same time realize just how life changing their arrival will be so I’m in a purgatory of some sorts. I readily admit I’m not quite ready to cross that line into motherhood namely because I know with it comes the fear, anxiety, and the self-doubt. I know ultimately it’s not my choice to make but I suppose I still have time to hold on to my little slice of reality until it all gets turned upside down. At least, I have help, right?